Plantar fasciitis how best to avoid it

It is true what they say prevention is a lot less painful than the cure. This statement is very true when it come to plantar fasciitis. But how can you prevent yourself from getting plantar fasciitis that is the question? Are there any treatments out there once you get it? Well something that doctors prescribe patients who have got plantar fasciitis is a pair of orthotic insoles that have been specia;lly designed to deal with plantar fasciits and increase recovery time and ease pain. But not only that people who have not yet got plantar fasciitis can wear them to help themselves from getting it in the first place. As we all know as we get older our bodies weaken so we must try and look after our bodies a best we can. With a weakened plantar fascia the strain gravity has and over use of the foot can cause a increase risk of damaging the plantar fascia and causing plantar fasciitis resulting in heel spurs and pain.
Insoles help support the arch of the foot putting less strain on the plantar fascia and this helps prevent damage to it. Simple.


read here for more reason why you need insoles

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